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    Introducing The Villa San Juan Capistrano’s Wedding Blog!

    This classic venue has set the stage for countless romantic weddings. Step into The Villa and feel the essence of time flourish around you and your guests as you invite them into a historic building filled with fine antiques flown in from around the world, …

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    Lachelle & Justin’s Wedding Celebration

    We are so excited to announce The Villa San Juan Capistrano’s new wedding blog! Lachelle and Justin are the perfect couple for our first post! They were married on a perfectly sunny day in the month of July at The Villa San Juan Capistrano. Beautiful bride Lachelle …

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    Erin & Adam’s Wedding Celebration

    The Villa San Juan Capistrano is proud to present one of the loveliest weddings of the year. Erin and Adam’s extravagant wedding took place on a very hot day in September. Despite tough weather conditions, this beautiful wedding went on to be one of the best …

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  • JESS+NICK 077

    Jessica & Nick’s Wedding Celebration

    Jessica and Nick were married on a splendid afternoon in the month of August. Their wedding truly was special. Never before has there been a bride emanating so much joy from within. The staff at The Villa San Juan Capistrano were delighted to witness two …

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    Laurie & Michael’s Wedding Celebration

    Laurie and Michael planned a simple and beautiful wedding on a sunny day in August. Entrance of The Villa San Juan Capistrano Laurie’s elegant gown hanging in The Villa’s bridal suite. The loveliest bride. Our groom anxiously waits for a first glimpse of his bride-to-be. …

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    Larissa & Romain’s Wedding Celebration

    The Villa San Juan Capistrano is happy to showcase Larissa and Romain’s gorgeous French wedding! Their special day took place in the cool month of October. Having known Larissa since middle school, I can attest that she is one of the sweetest and kindest brides …

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    Astrid & Jeff’s Wedding Celebration

    When Astrid came to visit The Villa San Juan Capistrano for the first time with her grandmother and bridesmaid Jo, it was love at first sight. Looking around the enchanting property, her eyes lit up and it was clear to see that this was the place …

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    Jessica & Michael’s Wedding Celebration

    We are delighted to unveil Jessica and Michael’s remarkable wedding day! The couple visited our property a couple times before realizing that this was the perfect setting for them to host their special day. Jessica’s sweet disposition and Michael’s polite demeanor captured the staff here …

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  • Haley Kyle Wedding 203

    Haley & Kyle’s Wedding Celebration

    I knew Haley and Kyle were a special couple from the first time we met. They entered The Villa with a heartfelt eagerness and excitement that would make Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart jealous. As we walked through the property, it was clear that visions …

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    Katie & Chris’ Wedding Celebration

    I had the pleasure of meeting Katie and Chris on the day they booked their wedding date. Both excited for the journey ahead, they starred at each other with wide grin’s – they easily have the world’s best smiles! 😀  Katie has been a close …

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