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April – Dec. 15th:

Friday & Sunday



*These prices include the exclusive rental of the property, Royal Dalton round white bone China plates, silverware, glassware, and all service small wares. These prices do not include Catering, DJ or Valet services which are required in order to have an event at The Villa San Juan Capistrano.


For Guest Counts
60 to 90 = $650
91 plus = $750



Divel Entertainment is The Villa San Juan Capistrano’s resident DJ service.
Contact: 949.463.0666 or djdivel@gmail.com
Basic Package: $1,500.00

*If client decides to use an outside entertainment source, whether it be a DJ or a band, client must notify Divel Entertainment within 30 days of signing The Villa’s venue contract, so that Divel Entertainment may book another event. All outside, non-acoustic entertainment MUST plug into The Villa’s sound system and will require a $500 sound management fee, paid by client to Divel Entertainment. No outside sound systems are allowed, unless granted by The Villa’s management. Divel Entertainment must manage all scheduling and sound fee arrangements for outside entertainment.



The date secured is rain or shine. If rain is forecasted on event date, client must pay additional costs for tents to be put up in the courtyard, which will be contingent on guest count. There will be a main canopy tent placed on the right side of the courtyard and will cover the ceremony, partial dining, and reception. Additional tents will be placed between the trees in the dining area. The amount of dining tents will be based on guest count (please see below). All tents have white ceilings and contain clear side panels with sliders, which will protect from rain conditions coming in all directions. Each tent is also equipped with basic lighting and heaters. During the months of November and April, rain is more probable; therefore, guest counts are recommended to be below 100.

Costs based on guest counts are as follows:

Main canopy tent (1-72 guests max) = $2,455.76

Main canopy + 1 tent (73-92 guests max) = $3,122.41

Main canopy + 2 tents (93-112 guests max) = $3,789.06

Main canopy + 3 tents (113-132 guests max) = $4,455.71

Main canopy + 4 tents (133-150 guests max) = $5,216.92

This decision for tenting must be received by 12:00 pm, two days prior to event date. Client must contact Villa management to assist with placing the order to Signature Party Rentals. Once this decision is made, there is no turning back. If the forecast predicts 60% chance of rain on event day, and it turns out to be beautiful, clear and sunny, the tent will not be able to be removed as it takes several hours to break down and no refunds will be issued. In this instance, slider sidewalls on all tents can be removed, which will reduce costs to the following (tents without sidewalls):

Main canopy tent (1-72 guests max) = $1,908.12

Main canopy + 1 tent (73-92 guests max) = $2,425.39

Main canopy + 2 tents (93-112 guests max) = $2,942.66

Main canopy + 3 tents (113-132 guests max) = $3,459.93

Main canopy + 4 tents (133-150 guests max) = $4,052.43

If the decision to purchase necessary tents is forgone, Signature Party Rentals, who provides the tables, chairs and linens will not place their rentals outdoors in harmful, rain conditions.